I have understood that Afar region is a symbol of goodness – Dr. Girma Amente

I have understood that Afar region is a symbol of goodness – Dr. Girma Amente

I have understood that Afar region is a symbol of goodness – Dr. Girma Amente
Humera Hamle 5/2015:- Afar region is a symbol of goodness and where everyone lives in equality said the minister of agriculture Dr. Girma Amente.
Youth regional summer volunteer service initiation program has been held today in Umara city.
The minister of agriculture Dr. Girma Amente who was present at the program said that goodness is not new to Ethiopians it is our old value.
In the country wide, the leader of the idea of goodness for Ethiopia indicating that the various works that are going to be done during the summer will be a place where goodness will be proven in practice. One of the Ethiopians known for their goodness is the people of Afar region.
The minister who appreciated the charity he saw when he was in Logia town to renovate the homes of the elderly said he understood that the region is a model of kindness, inclusive and where everyone lives equally.
The president of Afar region Awol Arba, on his part, has stated that goodness for the people of Afar is very much related to their culture.
They have said that the summer schedule will be done smoothly by the authorities at every level.
The region is preparing to do its part to make the 500 million trees planted in one month.
In this, they have announced that in the region more than 345 thousand trees will be planted in one Friday.
Mr. Omer Nur, the head of the regional youth and sport bureau, has mentioned that social service works that show goodness in the region for the past years.
In the winter season, various charity activities will be done up to Tach Kebele.
According to Mr. Omer, 164 thousand youth will participate in 13 types of work sectors in all districts.
In today’s program, in which federal and regional high officials and youth participated, the renovation of elderly people and cleaning work has been done in Semera and Logia cities.
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