Our Service

  • Monitoring, controlling, and evaluating the implementation of the executive plan and presenting it to the relevant decision-making body.
  • Carrying out a feasibility study regarding the effectiveness of the implementation of good governance packages.
  • Monitoring, verifying, and providing feedback on the implementation of policies and strategies.
  • Providing protocol coverage to the regional head of government and senior government officials, ambassadors and representatives of international organizations.
  • Investigating, studying, and finding solutions to economic, social, and infrastructure issues that need a decision.
  • Monitoring, supporting, and giving feedback on the implementation of reform programs.
  • Establishing a new relationship to work with regional cities.
  • Preparing guidelines and internal regulations and creating awareness.
  • Receiving, investigating, and deciding on administrative complaints and appeals.
  • Checking whether the draft laws of other institutions follow the basic legal principles.
  • Monitoring the implementation of decisions.
  • Providing appropriate professional opinions and alternatives to the governing council and the head of government on legal issues.
  • Solving specific problems through research.
  • Properly documenting the meeting procedures of the Governing Council by video recording, sound recording, and printing documents.
  • Building the capacity of implementers working at all levels of management structures.
  • Ensure that the decisions passed by the governing council are kept confidential and accessible to the relevant parties.
  • The service of coordinating peace and development activities in the border areas of neighboring regions.
  • Ensuring, advising, providing support and coordinating matters presented to the cabinet in accordance with the rules of procedure of the governing council.
  • Publishing and distributing the rules and regulations approved by the State Government Council.
  • Ensuring that there is a system to improve the management of human rights and the building of a democratic system.
  • Supporting and coordinating various committees established by the Government Council.
  • By monitoring and supporting activities carried out by various institutions in the area of preventing illegal human trafficking in the region, the mission of the executive offices will be effective in the next planning period.
  • To lead, monitor, support and control the performance of the security sector.
  • Doing our part to prevent epidemics that may occur in our region, country and internationally and to realize the green footprint started by the Prime Minister.

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