About us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create Development by coordinating the human and natural resources in the county, guiding and ensuring continued use, strengthening social and economic development, and strengthening the development of top-to-bottom administrative terraces, providing professional support through training, organization, and employment leadership, the regional public will benefit from development and good governance.

Our Value

  • The Rule of Law is Our Principle
  • Tolerance is our culture
  • We value the needs of a customer
  • Engagement is our hallmark
  • Fairness and balance are our guidelines.
  • We Provide Quality Customer Oriented Service
  • It is our responsibility to make the Office a better place
  • We serve by being subject to ethical principles
  • We fight corruption because it is anti-development
  • We achieve great Result with our limited resources 
  • We believe in gender equality
  • We respect the culture of society

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the nature of the prosperous region by 2022 when good governance in the region promotes sustainable development and promotes community benefit.


Action and Responsibility

The Duties and Responsibilities given to the Office

  1.  Providing administrative services to the head office and administration Council
  2.  To ensure that the human resources and materials required for work are efficiently completed and organized.
  3.  Providing appropriate protocol coverage to the Head of Government and the Minister of Government
  4.  To meet the needs of regular and urgent meetings of the members of the regional government.
  5.  To ensure that the minutes of the Governing Council meeting and other documents are properly maintained and preserved.
  6.  To facilitate the working relationship of the executive governments that are accountable to the head of government.
  7.  Prepare and present the budget of the office and implement it in an appropriate manner when allowed.
  8.  Conducting workshops, conferences and other meetings in accordance with the schedule set by the written formal plans and in the name of the Governing Council.
  9.  To connect the parties who come to the office in search of administrative justice with the relevant parties
  10.  Supporting the subordinate management offices with human resources through training and material
  11.  To develop planning and implementation and evaluation functions of administrative offices at all levels
  12.  The rules issued by the council should be published in the Dankara Newspaper at the time and made available to the relevant parties.

Afar National Regional State President Office,

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

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